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Can wild animals actually “understand” fear in other animals? Originally appeared on Quora: Instead of acquiring and sharing knowledge, empowering people to learn from others and to understand the world better.

All often interpret a few phrases, “they can understand your fear” some telepathic, some extra non-human emotion, or something that does not understand. That, of course, is not at all. Animals are afraid of others using different combinations of only 5 senses that we are all already familiar with.

Most people know that most vertebrates have at least one, if not more, the senses that grow more and are stronger than humans. The nose of sleuthhound eyes of an eagle,  owl ears etc (our sense of taste is about average, and our sense of touch is the best).

In any case, it is not surprising that animals can use those higher senses to understand fear among other animals. No “sixth sense” is required. In fact, only three combinations of the three are required … odor, sight, and hearing. I think we all agree that, if it goes to the animal that touches your fear or touches your fear … in any case, you have already been too late, or the victim in question is.

It is not to say that we are no more than five senses. Take the feeling of navigation in animals like pigeons and other birds. we do not have it. There is a sense of echolocation found in some bats and whales. We do not have it either, either. Neither the feeling related to electrocreates in sharks and other fish There are many others scattered about the animal kingdom.

By saying all this, Becoming the bravest, fearless, aggressive in the world is still feeling the jaw of that fox or coyote if the hunter becomes close enough. The fearless Dodo Bird was still regularly prepared by sailors and other predators (this is one of the few high animals who never developed a “fight or flight” reaction).


The ability to understand either fear or project fear plays a major role in hunting relationships. For a person, not being afraid, you can not be saved from jumping through that cougar, nor is the tram being done by that bull elephant, but it can increase the chances of your survival. On the other hand, presenting fear in those situations almost certainly will reduce the chances of survival. In such circumstances, your opponent will definitely use your original senses (sight, smell, and hearing) to determine the next course of action in your relationship.

“Other animals” are not alone who can feel frightened and can. Humans also do this. It is believed that our level of fear-scaling is not as intense as it is in the form of other vertebrae. But we still have the potential. Bully, Car, Loan collectors, Con men and scam artists, Gang Bangers, Athletes, Diplomats all of them use it.

Here is a related term, “Do not let them see you sweat.” If, both the settings have been applied and literally, then it is all about. Still, it is more than just sweat.

In the end, it is not particularly difficult to understand how our animals, including fear, can feel fear. In fact, it is beneficial that you understand it; That you understand how both projections are done, and how it feels. This can help you get rid of the benefits, and in fact, there are times when it can help you survive. One part of it is comfortable, and learned part of it. A good part of it is the skill. You will be well served to learn this skill well, understand it and launch it. Even so, to learn it best, you have to understand it.

To understand this best, I would recommend that you change the phrase from “sensing fear” to “reading fear”. It is not only wild animal. Most animals include this … including you.

Jaya Kashyap
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