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Bumblebee movie is from the Transformers franchise as the character Bumblebee has been one of the lead roles in the movie, as per the public demand and love for Bumblebee, the producers decided to make an individual movie for the character Bumblebee. In the movie Bumblebee, Bumblebee is a refugee from the planet Cybertron, he finds refuge in a junkyard in a small California beach town. “Charlie” the character played by Hailee Steinfeld is on the way of turning 18 and is trying to justify her place in the world, as one day she discovers Bumblebee.

Hollywood Movie Bumblebee Review:

Bumblebee is tasked to provide refuge to the other Autobots, but somehow, he loses his memory during his journey to the earth and ends up in a garage in San Francisco. Later in the movie, Charlie finds Bumblebee as she decides to gift herself a car on her 18nth birthday. She is unaware of the truth about Bumblebee’s mission and soon is dragged into a batter of supremacy.

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Director Travis Knight centres around Charlie and her friendship with Bumblebee. The alien robot is honest in his peculiarities, and the absolute best scenes include the two becoming more acquainted with one another. Set during the ’80s, the soundtrack stays the story-line particularly since Bumblebee conveys his thoughts through a blend of different sound clips. Hailee Steinfeld gives the basic human factor distressfully ailing in the establishment up until this point. She’s a long way from gorgeous sight as Charlie attempts to locate her very own character while managing distress.

John Cena as Agent Burns is adequately threatening, however, doesn’t include a lot other than a standard, a troublesome definitive figure with an issue that remains to be worked out. Bumblebee the movie is actually the best example of what a franchise means, and how a story should go according to the previous parts of the movie which makes the transformers more exciting and enjoyable again.



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