Early Human Beings, Science

In a new study, which was done by the group of researchers they have revealed about the early human’s beings who have come to America. As per the new study, the first human to the continent has travelled from Asia via a coastal trail which is margined along the Pacific border of Alaska.

The study contradicts the previous story which points out the previous Americans who have come through the Siberia by crossing the land bridge of Bering via Canada. The trek by the final ice age when a non-ice tunnel was formed in between the huge ice sheets and this explanation never satisfied the scientists as the evidence contradict the theory of archaeological findings.

A team of researchers from the University at Buffalo has analysed some ancient bedrock and boulders to learn that the portion of the coastal route has provided a path for the migration of humans which was about 17,000 years ago. At that time the early glaciers sank in and around the islands of the Alexander Archipelago of southern Alaska. In the recent study, it has shown that the human has migrated more to America which is about 16,000 years ago.

Prof. Jason Briner, who is the lead researcher of the study at the UB’s College of Arts and Sciences, said that the people get fascinated by the questions about them by asking from where they come from and how they have got there. He added by saying that the research contributed to the debate about how the humans who have come to the Americas and it helps in a finding of the things which are contributed about the ancestry and this is the way how we colonised our planet.

Till now no confirmation has been received from the researchers as they have examined only one portion of the large coast. The observation about the research was published in the science Advances journal on May 30th, 2018.


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