Bhutan State Lottery Results Today 4 PM: Kanchenjunga Rose Day Lottery of 11.9.2019
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Hey participants welcome to our website and thanks for visiting our website, we are back with Bhutan Kanchenjunga Rose Day Lottery Result of 11.9.2019 and we give you best wishes and we pray for your win. There are hundreds of benefits of taking participation in these lottery programs. One of the main reason why so many people take participation is that these lottery programs help then in becoming rich in a day and for that, they do not have to work hard or work extra for more wages and income. So if you have taken participation in today’ Bhutan State Lottery then keep your ticket safe with yourself as it is one of the most important things in every lottery program.

Kanchenjunga Day Lottery Result 4 PM

If you have not purchased Bhutan State Lottery ticket then hurry up and buy today’s Bhutan State Lottery ticket. As we all want to become rich and want to fulfill our dreams and desires so when the government is giving you a chance then for what are you waiting for. You should try your luck in today’s Bhutan Kanchenjunga Rose Day Lottery and if you lose one lottery game then you don’t have to lose hope from the game as there is no limit of participation, an individual can participate an infinite number of times. And in these lotteries, you just have to invest a small amount of money but if you win you will be going to receive a huge amount of cash prize.

Bhutan Kanchenjunga Rose Day Lottery Result

Lottery programs help the state government of Bhutan and the citizens of Bhutan in many ways. One of the best reason that why these lotteries should not get banned is that these lottery programs help the government in collecting revenue and government use that revenue in providing good infrastructure to their citizens. Bhutan State Kanchenjunga Rose Day Lottery is offering a whopping first prize of Rs. 10,000. The lottery also consists of a consolation prize of Rs. 2,000. The second and third winner will grab Rs. 9,500 and Rs. 9,000. The fourth, fifth, and sixth winner will be received Rs. 600, Rs. 300, and Rs. 130 respectively. Check out the complete Bhutan State Kanchenjunga Rose Lottery Results at 4 PM of 11.9.2019 along with the money prize below.

First Prize: Rs. 10,000/-


Consolation Prize: Rs 2,000/-


Second Prize: Rs 9,500/-


Third Prize: Rs 9,000/-


 Fourth Prize: Rs 600/-


Fifth Prize: Rs 300/-


Sixth Prize: Rs. 130/-

Each and, every participants can easily check the complete result of Kanchenjunga Day Lottery Result of 11 September 2019 at 4 PM and you can check the complete result at 4:30 PM. Please refresh this website to check the complete result. Stay tuned with us for more information and updates of Bhutan State Day Result.


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