Bhutan State Lottery Result Today Of 13.9.2019: Bhutan Kanchenjunga Parrot Morning Lottery 11:30 AM
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Hey aspirants, welcome to our website, we are back with the lottery result and, here you will be going to find the Bhutan Kanchenjunga Parrot Morning Lottery Result of 13.9.2019, and our best wishes are with you and we hope that you will win this lottery program. There are so many advantages in taking participation in these lottery programs. In today’s Bhutan Kanchenjunga Parrot Morning Lottery, thousands of people from all across the Bhutan state and the foremost reason why so many people take participation is that these lotteries help people to enhance their living standard and live a happy luxurious life as these lotteries offer you a huge cash prize.

Kanchenjunga Parrot Morning Lottery

These lottery programs support the government in collecting revenue from its citizens. And with the help of revenue government provide good infrastructure and good sanitation system to their citizens and people take this huge participation because they have faith in these lotteries as these lottery programs are managed but the state government of Bhutan. People also participate in these lotteries because they have to invest a very small amount of money (Rs. 30 to 90) but if their luck number get emerged in the lottery program then they receive a huge cash amount. And with the help of this cash amount they fulfill their dreams and desires.

Live Bhutan State Lotteries Results

Bhutan Kanchenjunga Parrot Morning Lottery is offering you a whopping first prize of Rs. 10,000. The consolation prize of the lottery is of Rs. 2,000. The second and third winner of the lottery will be rewarded with Rs. 9,500 and Rs. 9,000. The fourth, fifth, and sixth winner of the lottery will be compensated with Rs. 600, Rs. 300, and Rs. 130 respectively. You can check the complete Bhutan State Kanchenjunga Parrot Morning Lottery Result 11:30 AM of 13.9.2019, along with the winning prize below.

1st Prize: Rs. 10,000/-

Consolation Prize: Rs. 2,000/-

2nd Prize: Rs. 9,500/-

3rd Prize: Rs. 9,000/-

4th Prize: Rs. 600/-

5th Prize: Rs. 300/-

6th Prize: Rs. 130/-

Bhutan Morning Result 11.30 AM

All the winners of the lottery we advise you to submit your winning ticket of above Rs. 5,000 to the lottery department along with your id proof within 30 days in order to claim your reward. You will get your winning prize after the tax-deduction. Stay tuned with us for more information and the latest Bhutan Morning Result.


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