Kerala State Lottery Result Today At 4 PM of 12.9.2019: Kerala Karunya Plus KR 281 Lottery Result
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Hello to all participants, here you will get the awaited results of Bhutan State Kanchenjunga Glamour Evening Lottery. People who are expecting results should start praying to their respective gods as the results that you all have been waiting for are finally here on The News Recorder. If you are looking for the accurate results, you can rely on The News Recorder as it is the most trustworthy platform as this website updates all the results just after the announcement of the numbers on the official Bhutan State Lottery Department.

The state lottery department of Bhutan conducts lotteries including Kanchenjunga Morning Lottery, Kanchenjunga Day Lottery, and Kanchenjunga Evening Lottery.
The expected results of the Kanchenjunga Evening Lottery are going to come out at 8:00 PM and the complete result will come out at 8:30 PM.

If you are wondering how many lotteries do Bhutan state lottery department conduct then here is your catch: The central government affiliated lotteries includes  Kanchenjunga Queen Morning Lottery on Monday, Kanchenjunga Star Evening on Tuesday, Kanchenjunga King Evening on Wednesday, Kanchenjunga Lucky Evening on Thursday, Kanchenjunga Glamour Evening on Friday, Kanchenjunga Venus Evening, and Kanchenjunga Power Evening on Sunday. These lotteries are the best chance for the people to win as much as they can within all these seven-day lotteries.

The first prize winner of the Kanchenjunga Glamour Evening Lottery is going to get Rs. 10,000. The consolation prize consists of Rs. 2,000. The second winner is going to get Rs. 9,500 and the third winner is going to receive Rs. 9,000. The fourth, fifth and sixth prize winners are going to get Rs. 600, Rs. 300, and Rs. 130 respectively.

Here is the Bhutan Lottery Kanchenjunga Glamour Evening Lottery Result of Today of 6.9.2019.
First Prize: Rs. 10,000/-

Consolation Prize: Rs 2,000/-

Bhutan State Result Second Prize: Rs 9,500/-

Third Prize: Rs 9,000/-

Fourth Prize: Rs 600/-

Fifth Prize: Rs 300/-

Sixth Prize: Rs. 130/-

Note: All the aspirants can check the complete result of Kanchenjunga Glamour Evening Lottery of 6 September 2019 at 8:00 PM and you can check the complete result at 8:30 PM. Please refresh this website to check the complete result.  Stay tuned with us for more information and updates of Bhutan Evening Result.


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