Bhutan State Lottery Result At 11.30 AM Of 11.9.2019, Bhutan Kanchenjunga Vishnu Morning Lottery Result
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Good morning participants and welcome back to our website, we know you are here to check the Bhutan Kanchenjunga Vishnu Morning Lottery Result of 11.9.2019. And we are here to provide you the correct Bhutan State Lottery Result here at The News Recorder. We will suggest you take participation in these lottery programs as these lottery programs can change your entire living standard as if you win these lotteries you will definitely going to receive a huge amount of cash prize which can surely enhance your living standard. One of the main reason why these lotteries are so famous among the citizens of Bhutan state is that these lottery programs are conducted and managed by the Bhutan State Government. At present, Bhutan state lottery is one of the main sources o income for the people of Bhutan state.

Kanchenjunga Lottery Result Today 11.30 AM

Bhutan is one of the popular states of India known for its beauty, and there are a variety of unique food and places to visit. Still, Bhutan state lotteries have become one of the famous things in the state that are gathering the attention of the citizen and the people take part in these weekly lotteries on a daily basis that made Bhutan Lottery the biggest cash flow of the state. And there is no risk of loss or theft is taking participation in these lotteries as these lotteries are conducted by the Bhutan state government.

Bhutan Kanchenjunga Lottery Result 2019

Bhutan Kanchenjunga Vishnu Morning Lottery is supporting a total of six prizes and declaring the first prize of Rs. 10,000 for the first winner. The consolation prize of the lottery is of Rs. 2,000 and that last means fifth winner of the lottery is going to receive Rs. 130 respectively. Check out the complete Bhutan State Kanchenjunga Vishnu Morning Lottery Results at 11:30 AM of 11.9.2019, along with the winning prize below:

First Prize: Rs. 10,000


Consolation Prize: Rs. 1,000/-


Second Prize: Rs. 9,500/-


Third Prize: Rs. 9,000/-


Fourth Prize: Rs. 600/-


Fifth Prize: Rs. 300/-


Sixth Prize: Rs. 130/-

Bhutan Morning Lottery Result Today 11:30 AM

Anyone can participate in the lottery they just have to make sure that they are buying lottery tickets from authorized lottery dealer. Aspirants try to collect as many tickets as they can collect as this can increase your winning chances. Please refresh this website for the complete lottery results the complete Bhutan Morning Lottery Results will be published at 11:30 AM of 11.9.2019. Stay tuned with us for more information and the latest Bhutan Morning Lottery Results.


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