Bhtuan State Lottery: Bhutan Kanchenjunga Thangam Morning Lottery Result At 11:30 AM of 12.9.2019
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Hey visitors and participants, welcome back to the website and special thanks for visiting this website. Get ready participants, as we are again back with the Bhutan Kanchenjunga Thangam Morning Lottery Result of 12 September 2019, get ready because the result is going to publish here at 11.30 AM and, you can check the complete result at 12:30 PM, our best wishes are with you and we also pray that you will win the Bhutan Kanchenjunga Thangam Morning Lottery. There are several benefits of participating in these lottery programs. We are going to tell some befits to you now, one of the best benefits of participation is that people do not have to work hard or have to perform some extra work for extra income for fulfilling their desires and wishes as all they have to is to buy a lottery ticket which cost around you Rs. 30 to 100 only, but if you win this lottery program then you will definitely, going to receive a huge cash prize and another best reason is that these lotteries help the government in collecting the revenue from their citizens and from that revenue government provide good infrastructure to their citizens.

Kanchenjunga Thangam Morning Lottery

We would also like to report you that thousands and thousands of people have taken participation in today’s Bhutan Kanchenjunga Thangam Morning Lottery and we suggest you try your luck in this Bhutan State lottery. So hurry up and buy one lottery ticket of today’s Bhutan Kanchenjunga Thangam Morning Lottery as if you are lucky enough you will be going to become rich in a day and if you lose then you do not have to lose hope as you can try your luck next time as there is no limit of participation, as an individual can take an infinite number of times.

Live Bhutan State Lotteries Results

Bhutan Kanchenjunga Thangam Morning Lottery is offering you a whopping first prize of Rs. 10,000. The consolation prize of the lottery is of Rs. 2,000. The second and third winner of the lottery will be rewarded with Rs. 9,500 and Rs. 9,000. The fourth, fifth, and sixth winner of the lottery will be compensated with Rs. 600, Rs. 300, and Rs. 130 respectively. You can check the complete Bhutan State Kanchenjunga Thangam Morning Lottery Result 11:30 AM of 4.9.2019, along with the winning prize below.

1st Prize: Rs. 10,000/-

Consolation Prize: Rs. 2,000/-

2nd Prize: Rs. 9,500/-

3rd Prize: Rs. 9,000/-

4th Prize: Rs. 600/-

5th Prize: Rs. 300/-

6th Prize: Rs. 130/-

Bhutan Morning Result

All the winners of the lottery we advise you to submit your winning ticket of above Rs. 5,000 to the lottery department along with your id proof within 30 days in order to claim your reward. You will get your winning prize after the tax-deduction. Stay tuned with us for more information and the latest Bhutan Morning Result.


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