Iberian Lynx, barcelona

Barcelona has spotted its first rare Iberian lynx which is named as Lithium after it has done a journey which is more than 1,100 kilometers from Southern Portugal.

In the year 2016, a young male lynx was last seen in the Guardianvalley on the Algarve which is just days after his release into the wild as part of the project to save the endangered species. The GPS signal which was installed on the collar of the lynx was disappeared and for nearly two years and no one knows about the Lithium.

He is now said to be the first Iberian lynx which was seen in Catalonia, and it is after more than hundred years. The conservation officials have tracked him down to the wooded area which is present in Barcelona after getting the sighting reports. The officials didn’t reveal the location to avoid the curious crowds who will be going to the place to see the animal.

The officials have released the photo of the lynx, and in the image, we can see that the animal is under the shade of the tree. From the image, it is seen that it is in good health and good with the surroundings. The conservation officials are now working with the experts from IberLince, which is an EU-funded rehabilitation programme. In this program, they have planned to capture this Lithium as he is present in an unsuitable location and his security is at risk.

Lithium was first born in the year 2014 in the captive breeding centre which is in the southern Spanish region of Andalusia. Then he was released in the same year but was recaptured in early 2016 as he is finding difficult to survive. After this, he has spent at an endangered species recovery center, and after that, he was released for the second time.


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