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Dengue has started affecting the Banglore city, due to heavy rain the outbreak of Dengue has started in the state. In the previous week, any people are suffered from hazardous disease and several hospitalized. The increase in the case of dengue was given to the stable drain on the roadside which proved itself a breeding site for the dengue mosquitoes. However, a complaint has been issued to Banglore water supply and Sewerage Board(BWSSB) on 11th July. Many people are protesting in many areas of Banglore including Kadubeesanahalli and Panther against the authority dealing with the mosquito hazard.

It has reported that around 47 people living in Ayyapa Nagar city of Bengaluru hospitalized because of Dengue in the last few days. One resident has reported about the drain water on roads and his condition, he said, “I was suffering from high fever for two days and then admitted to a private hospital. My treatment cost for two days came up to Rs 45,000. For the past few weeks, I am seeing stagnant water in our neighborhood and I suspect it to be the breeding ground for the dengue-carrying mosquitoes. The place stinks.” Along with this, it also comes to know by some residents that, the people who affected by the dengue had spent approx Rs. 75,000 in Dengue treatment.

As we mentioned above the people of the city has already made a complaint to Banglore water supply regarding stagnant drain water on the roads but people of the city not satisfied with the late back attitude of the authority. They also mentioned about the worst condition of the roads but the response was the same as this as well.  A report finds that there are 633 families living in Ayyappa Nagat of Nagar KR Puram and has a population of nearly 1700. The local people of the city is anguished by the State Health Department response. Stay tuned with us for more information and latest updates.


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