Ban of plastic : Garbage bin liners are banned

The BMC confirmed their formation and clarified that some time will be granted before the civic body cracks down on their usage. Against recast claims that the bin liners are not a part of the banned plastic items.

“From Friday, I received three phone calls from building residents, asking if they were still permitted to use black bin bags. Unfortunately, I was unsure myself and could not help them out. There is a lot of confusion as to what is banned and what isn’t,” said Fernandes.

On Monday a meet held at a press, Ramdas Kadam environment minister stated that bin liners are banned, even though the BMC is not restricting the use yet. “Compostable bin liners are allowed, not plastic bin liners. We are going a little slow on their ban,” said a top civic officer.

“I won’t be replacing my plastic garbage bin liners since the packaging says they are biodegradable. I am using separate bags for wet and dry waste. The ban does not say anything about garbage liners. Anyway, there is no point in throwing the liners because despite segregating the garbage, BMC garbage collectors throw it all into the same truck,” said Nalini.

This process may require a few months and is going to be lengthy.“Compostable bags will make way into the market slowly but there is a need for it to be regulated. This will take two or three months. We want to streamline which compostable bags are quality, and which are not. There are chances that producers will start selling fake compostable bags to get rid of plastic that they have with them,” said P Anbalagan, Secretary, Maharashtra Pollution Control Board.

An attack on Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) chief Raj Thackeray whose party insert posters outside Sena chief’s house, specify that the ban was impractical as there were no options made available to the locals and also called the Rs 5,000 fine as extreme. On his part, Kadam on his part perceives Raj Thackeray’s criticism as an attack on his nephew Aaditya. “Raj Thackeray feels threatened by Aditya Thackeray who spearheaded the plan to ban plastic,” said the minister.

Kadam stated,“Throughout, Raj Thackeray felt threatened by Uddhavji. Now it’s Aaditya. Just to politicise the issue, he is finding faults in a good decision,”  Instead of sitting at home and making statements, raj should go out to the market and see the happiness of people about the ban and its change.

“If the MNS or anyone else tries to instigate people against the plastic ban, action will be initiated against them. The law is the same for everyone,” said Kadam.

The minister said, When plastic bags of 50-micron thickness were banned, Rs 500 for violators is the penalty introduced by them. “As the fine amount was minimal, the ban failed. We have to create a hefty penalty system to ensure that such a ban is successful,” he said, simplify he had instructed his department not to go with citizen and their main aim should be to focus on the manufacturer.

After the ban on the third day, the BMC appointed out  249 inspectors across 24 administrative wards. According to the civic body’s claims, a total of 1,346 visits were made and Rs 119.7 kg of plastic was confiscated by its team. An information report was issued to five shops and a total of Rs 2.60 lakh was collected on a third of the drive. 


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