B.C. Children's watchdog goes for supervised consumption sites for youth
Image Source: The Globe and Mail

In the recent report, it shows that about 24 youth has died of overdoses in the year 2017. As per B.C.’s Child and youth advocate, all the young people in the province usually needs to be more harm reduction services in which it includes all the supervised consumption sites. As per Jennifer Charlesworth, it is said that it will make about five recommendations in the report which is based on substance use that was released on Thursday.

She said in a statement that she would be calling for the Ministry of Mental Health and Addictions as well as with the Ministry of Health to provide all the youth-specific harm reduction services. The report that she has submitted is known as “Time to Listen.” This report comes after a year in which all the 24 of the 1,452 people have died due to an illicit-drug overdose in B.C.

It is said that it is between the ages of 10 to 18. She has recommended that there is a full spectrum about this harm-reduction services for the youth till March 31st, 2020. According to Addictions Minister Judy Darcy said on Thursday that it is for the very first time that they have heard this recommendation which is by looking closely at it.

Judy added by saying that the main goal for youth and for everyone living with this substance with use disorder which is to try as well as to connect with the people who needs the treatment and recovery it as soon as possible. It has been seen that Darcy responded with the positiveness with the report and her ministry usually wants to have ensured the youth who all are suffering from addiction which can access for the wide array of barrier-free services.

This is seen to happen with the focus on the prevention as well as on early intervention. As per Darcy, she said in a statement that it is appreciated that this harm reduction piece is the type of piece which will be garner with the most attention in this report. A representative has spoken with the wide array of services that are said to be needed to support the youth living with the substance use like issues. They said that the main focus is on the government.

In that report, it has been seen that the surveyed youths who all have the experience with this substance has used the varied with near to 90 per cent of all are drinking alcohol or even using marijuana or nicotine. It has been said that half of them are using cocaine as well as prescription pills and a third has used the fentanyl along with other drugs.

It has been seen that the ministry is working rapidly to expand the network of Foundry hubs which is for at-risk youth ages 12 to 24. It has been said that the seven sites will be catered to the mental health and substance to use the issues as well as to help them to access the counselling the treatment. Currently, it has been seen that they have announced four more hubs.

She added by saying that they have only been able to offer abstinence-only programs in which it is said to be an effective drive with the young people who all are underground. The recommendations of the reports will be calls for more youth who got involved in the province Mental Health and Addictions Strategy. It is like an accessible information source for all the youth substance who all use services as well as training to help the foster parents to communicate with the youth.  

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