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Tarun is an avid writer and reader. He is fond of exploring science and facts. Tarun is an engineer by profession and is now a full-time contributor to The News Recorder (India Edition). Tarun is the base behind the Science coverage over this online news platform.

NASA astronauts complete 6-hour walk replaces Leaky pump coolers

The astronauts of NASA have completed the fifth spacewalk of 2018 from International Space Station. They have spent about 6 hours 31 minutes in space in which they have undertaken the maintenance work of...
Stephen Hawking , science

Stephen Hawking final workbook to be out in October

The final book which will be covering all his ideas, perspectives starting from the creation of the universe, alien intelligence, black holes and also the existence of God to have colonization in space will...
Researchers train a spider to jump for them on demand

Researchers train a spider to jump for them on demand

The researchers at the University of Manchester in the United Kingdom have been successful to train a regal jumping spider named Kim to jump to different distances and heights on their demand. This is...
NASA, Mars

NASA to put humans on Mars using moon mission

Jim Bridenstine, the new head of NASA has defended the space agency’s directive to send the astronauts to the moon again before sending them off to Mars. He said that this would be a...

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