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Tarun is an avid writer and reader. He is fond of exploring science and facts. Tarun is an engineer by profession and is now a full-time contributor to The News Recorder (India Edition). Tarun is the base behind the Science coverage over this online news platform.
Fossils of Devonian , antarctica

Fossils of Devonian which are found in South Africa are evolved in Antarctica

In a recent finding, scientists have unearthed South African fossils about the prehistoric Devonian Period amphibians which are believed to be the first four-legged vertebrates at a site which is known as Waterloo Farm...
june solstice

June Solstice will occur on June 21st

This has confirmed that the June solstice of 2018 will occur on Thursday on June 21st at 6:07 AM ET. The people who all live in Earth’s northern hemisphere and this will mark the...
Meghalaya, earth age.

Days on Earth will get longer soon as the Moon moves farther away

A new study has suggested that the moon is now moving further away from the Earth. Describing the relationship between the moon and the earth, the study informed that, around 1.4 billion years ago,...
Two saber-toothed monster

Two saber-toothed monster predators remain found

In new research which was performed by the team of scientists at the Vyatka Paleontological Muesuem at Kirov in Russia and the North Carolina Muesuem Sciences at Raleigh in the USA has discovered two...
Extra terrestrial life, fossil

Early terrestrial life could have discovered in South Africa after the discovery of Fossils

In a new study, scientists have discovered that the fossilized remains of the two amphibians which have lived in the early Devonian Period. This discovery was brought to light on Thursday 7th June, and...
Space X, Elon musk

SpaceX plans to expand KSC with futuristic launch control center

In a recent development, it will be a huge moment for Elon Musk vision, which towers SpaceX launch control center and a 133, 000 square foot hangar and a rocket garden rising in the...
Antarctica, largest iceberg

Antarctica’s largest Iceberg may die near the Equator, NASA Says

In a new development, it was observed that the Iceberg B-15 which has broken away from Antarctica’s Ross Ice Shelf and it is said to be the largest ever iceberg recorded. Scientists said that...
Artificial Intelligence

Alien Life may have ended due to climatic change, and human life may be...

New research which has done suggests that the main reasons which might be behind the reasons why we have not encounter any aliens in our lifetime are due to the change in climate. The...
footprints, science, fossil

Scientists found 540m-year-old footprints on Earth in Southern China

In a recent discovery, the scientist of China has found the oldest fossilized animal footprints. The parallel tracks that were formed in mud up to 551 million years ago and it is found in...
Large Hadron collider

The Large Hadron Collider detected the Higgs Boson Again with a massive twist

In discovery, the physicist who all are working at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) have made a major new detection from the famous Higgs Boson, and this time they have successfully gathered the details...

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