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Jaya Kashyap
Jaya is the prime pillar behind the Indian edition of The News Recorder. Jaya is an environment-loving person who always tends to protect and nurture her surroundings. She is handling the major desk behind this website for Environment section. Jaya is also the main Editor-in-chief on The News Recorder.
NOAA, El nino

NOAA issue another El Nino later this year

In a recent development, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has issued a fresh warning about the El Nino watch. This means that the conditions are now favorable for El Nino to get...
Coral Reef , sea level

Coral Reef growth fails to keep pace with the rise in sea level

In a new study, it shows that the coral reefs have already getting threaten from the rising water temperatures and can face further risks as sea level rise projects them. It is seen that...
volcanic eruptions,extinction of marine life

Volcanic activity reducing ocean oxygen may have caused ancient organisms extinction

In a recent study, it was revealed that the climate change might have increased the levels of the atmospheric carbon dioxide and it is siphoning oxygen from today's ocean which was occurring at an...
rain. US cities

More Rain brings more disaster for some US cities

In a recent development, it was found that more rain was falling on some parts of the US and many towns in the US are not yet prepared for the situation like flooding. If...
Renewable energy

Renewable energy can do more harm than benefits

In a recent debate, the main and common issue was about the environmental policy, and it is spreading out to four states. These states include Nevada, New Jersey, Michigan and California and these four...
Scott Pruitt dismantles two key environmental amid scandals

Scott Pruitt dismantles two key environmental amid scandals

As per Scott Pruitt, who is the Environmental Protection Agency Administrator made his staff run personal errands to fetch Greek yogurt and protein bars. He also had his full-time security detail hunt for Ritz-...
Great Barrier Reef, coral IVF

Coral IVF can save Dying Great Barrier Reef, Study Says

The Great Barrier Reef if Australia is in trouble and during the past some years, mass bleaching events which include a single heat wave and can lead to the loss of about 29 percent...
First hurricane

First Hurricane of 2018 forms in the Pacific Ocean

In a recent development, the storm named as Hurricane Aletta, which was now intensified from a category 1 to Category 4 storm and will have a maximum sustained wind speed of about 140 miles...
Carbon dioxide, recycle

Carbon dioxide can be captured from the air and can recycle to fuel. Researchers...

In a new study, researchers have developed a less cost-efficient way to extract the carbon dioxide from the air and make fuel for cars, trucks or planes. This new technology which was found by...
Removing carbon dioxide from the air is cheap than what is thought before

Removing carbon dioxide from the air is cheap than what is thought before

In a new study, it was seen that carbon dioxide from the atmosphere was said to be an expensive strategy for averting the climate catastrophe. The detailed study about this was published on June...

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