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Ashwin Singh, author at The News Recorder, with two years of experience in the google news industry. Apart from writing and editing articles on Space at The News Recorder, he also contributes to other esteemed news sites. Having a vast experience in writing news analysis and content management. Ashwin is a space & universe freak, who loves to handle news coverage of space studies & research.
Megala Era, Earth, Earth history

Astronomers have found considerable double star rotations in various places around the Earth

Last month, a nearby asteroid approaching the Earth would position two atoms of two atoms and reveal new observations in three of the world's largest radial telescopes. NASA said in a statement on July 12...

Moon and Mars rare treatment line

On the last day of July 2018, the sky brings double happiness to lovers, amateur and astronomers. On July 27, India and several other countries follow the longest lunar eclipse of the century around midnight...
Solar system, Exoplanet, earth like planets

10 strongest exoplanets in the universe

Exoplanets are planets that are beyond our solar system and roam around many stars around many stars. In the last two decades, thousands have been discovered, most of them with NASA's Kepler Space Telescope....
Uranus, heavy object

Uranus Struck from Heavy Object who always changed it

It has been reported in the study that how much heavy impact was on the development of Uranus 4 billion years ago. Uranus is distinct from other planets in our solar system. Unlike other planets...
Space x, flying brain

Flying Brain launched by Space X

"The Flying Brain" is a ball shaped artificial intelligence robot because it has been trained to follow and communicate with the German astronauts, who will be on the Space Cargo ship on Friday. There...
NASA, Meteroites

Mini Solar System In Hand

Ever wish that you could see other planets in our solar system without launching on a deep space mission? After launching of 3D printed planet model and an advanced-reality (AR) app, it is possible...
Moon,ISRO, Helium 3

Why are we going back to the moon on Helium-3?

ISRO Indian Space Research Organization’s plans to mine the moon for helium-3 (He-3), according to various news reports such as Hindustan Times, Financial Express, Deccan Chronicle and the Times of India. It is unbelievable...
comet cigar, space

A Comet looks like a Cigar

Visitors from a Star System of the past year - A cigar-shaped object, inclined through a brief neck through our temporal neck of the forest - has now been identified as a comet. A European-led...
NASA, Commercial flight

India is seeking for nuclear fuel on moon

The space program of India wants to go where no country gone early- On the south side of the Moon. And once it arrives there, it will study the ability to mining the source...
Space force, America, Donald Trump

Need Of Space Force For America

Space needs envy endorsement. When the Chinese shot their satellite in 2007, the AIR FORCE and other DOD leaders were saying that there was no way to protect space. The President said that they need...

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