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Last month, a nearby asteroid approaching the Earth would position two atoms of two atoms and reveal new observations in three of the world’s largest radial telescopes.

NASA said in a statement on July 12 that the new observation obtained between June 21 and 26 shows that two objects, each in size greater than 900, every 20 to 24 hours around each other Wander around.

The Near-Earth asteroid, 2017 YE 5, was first observed on December 21, 2017 with observations provided by the Morocco Oukaimeden Sky Survey, but by the end of June this year there was no information about the physical properties of the asteroid. .

On June 21, the closest Earth’s closest planet, Earth’s nearest planet, was about 16 times the size of Earth’s or Earth’s equivalent of about 6 million kilometers from Earth, in 2017, which moved to Earth’s nearest planet.

On June 21 and 22, the observations observed by NASA’s Goldstone Solar System Radar (GSSR) in California show the first signal that the 2017YE5 binary system could be a binary system.

Observations revealed two different lobes, but the orientation of the asteroid was such that the scientist could not see whether the two bodies were different or were involved or not.

Eventually, both the objects rotated to expose a different distinction between them.

Scientists had already planned to inspect 2017 YE5 in the Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico, and they alerted the colleagues of Goldstone of the unique properties of asteroids.

On June 24, scientists worked with researchers at the Global Band Observatory (RDO) in West Virginia, USA, and two simultaneous surveys were used simultaneously with two-station static radar (the ARCB radar Signal transmission and the Green Bank signal).

Together, they were able to confirm that 2017 YE5 contains two different things. NASA said that until June 26, both Goldstone and Arecibo had independently confirmed the binary nature of the asteroid.

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