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It is very appealing to imagine that the asteroids that are junk in our Solar System have been there since from the start, they are orbiting around the Sun for many ages during the formation of planets, but new research suggests that things are not so simple as they seem. Asteroids are not just temporary collections of dust and debris that just came into being to form bigger rocks. The asteroids which we see today have much more complex stories related to their origin.

According to a new paper published in Nature Astronomy, many of the rocks lumps present in the inner reaches of our little planetary neighborhood are in fact the pieces of the planets which are dead long time ago and were split apart, in the initial days when the solar system just came into existence.

Based on from where asteroids are believed to come, they are distinguished by the astronomers including a still-present planet like Mars, an unidentified  body that is not present around anymore, or even a whole different system but how many sources have taken part for the collection of asteroids around us is still a puzzle to be solved. This complete new research looked closely to making of individual asteroids in the inner Solar System, and as well as their at present orbital paths and then time is rewound to discover when each of the individual asteroids was born.

The paper reveals that a huge majority near around  85 percent of the rocks present in the inner part of our system is believed to come from the small number of planets that were formed early. These large asteroids regularly came into each other’s way which ultimately leads to collisions and in some cases, they are just torn by each other due to their gravitational pulls. This result in that, many lumps of rocks did not have a home and they just remain in the orbits of those planets which impersonate their mother planet.

Each asteroid that traces its birth back to the same body from which it is born helps in forming a larger asteroid “family,” and scientists are now using this information as the beginning to find the answer of the question how long-lost planets were like, also how they made up their composition. Also, they are trying to find out why some asteroids act differently even they belong to the same family.



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