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In a recent discovery, a small asteroid was discovered which was stated to head towards the Earth. It was discovered just hours before the impact with the Earth’s atmosphere. When the asteroid comes in contact with the atmosphere, it has disintegrated over Africa on Saturday, as said by NASA officials.

This small space rock is just six feet long and has entered the Earth’s atmosphere at a very high speed which is said to be around 38,000 mph. It has broken several miles above the earth surface and as a result of which a bright fireball has been created which had to brighten up the night sky. The event observed by many observers and also some of them have captured this event on webcam.

The asteroid was named an asteroid 2018 LA was spotted by the Catalina Sky Survey in Arizona. As per Paul Chodas, the manager of NASA’s Center for Near-Earth Object Studies (CNEOS) has said that the discovery of this asteroid is stated to be for the third time in which it was discovered just on the impact trajectory. It is also for the second time that the impact location was predicted of the event itself. All the three asteroids have got burned up in the atmosphere and have caused no damage to life forms.

The astronomers have realized that there is possible of the impact after they have spotted it but due to small in size, they have stated that this is harmless to any lifeforms or property. NEO watchers have estimated the place from where this asteroid 2018 LA will be entering to the surface of the Earth atmosphere, and this place was extended from Africa across the Indian Ocean to Papua New Guinea. NASA has said in a statement that the asteroid has disintegrated several miles over the surface after entering the atmosphere.

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