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‘Asteroid’ seem magical, but they are deadly too. Asteroids are the extra-celestial objects which roam in the space. They sometimes crash on the planets, as they get pulled by the gravitational force. The same may happen on Earth on August 10, and if it reaches the atmosphere of the Earth, it may take a big part of a city.

Astronomers recently found an asteroid which will be passing by the Earth. According to the astronomers, the big rock is going to be as big as the Empire State Building. It is going to move at the speed of 16,740 km per hour.

The chances of the collision are way less because the asteroid is going to be 7.4 million km away from the Earth, which decreases the possibility of the crash to almost zero. According to NASA officials, the asteroid is not dangerous at all; the diameter of the celestial object is 569 meters. There are different types of heavenly bodies that lie between the Earth and the Moon, and sometimes they reach the surface as meteorites.

Comets and asteroids hit Earth’s atmosphere but vanish away because of the friction in the Earth’s atmosphere. The agencies around the world keep a track on every celestial object that lies in the way of the Earth.

The reason behind keeping track of such objects is to make sure that no outside body become a threat to the Earth. The officials are also saying that Earth is safe from such objects until the year 2185, as Earth may experience an asteroid collision by then with the chances of 0.02%. NASA addressed in a report, “If a rocky meteoroid larger than 25 meters but smaller than one kilometer were to hit Earth, it would likely cause local damage to the impact area. We believe anything larger than one to two kilometers could have worldwide effects.”

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