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The conspiracy theorists again came into action after they have spotted an odd-strange looking rock in the surface of the Mars. Mars have a rocky surface, and the surface is full of strange shape rocks. But the latest strange shape of rock which they have spotted is a boulder whose design is such that it looks like a warrior statue.

The search for the alien life forms is increasing day by day. The hunters of aliens from all over the world are coming up constantly along with the proof of extraterrestrial life and sightings of UFOs. In a similar incident, the space video journalist Joe White has spotted a strange looking boulder which looks like a head of a warrior. The Curiosity Rover took this video. This Rover is the NASA’s exploration spacecraft which is currently researching the Mars.

White has uploaded this image of the boulder in his YouTube Channel ArtAlienTV-Mars Zoo. This channel is specially dedicated for the Mars in which many unexplained and spotting of strange objects takes place. White said in the video’s caption that, “I found what seems to be a small feminine looking statue head on Mars in Gale Crater in this recent Curiosity Rover image from NASA. Only a few inches in size or less. It resembles a carved depiction of a female warrior wearing a helmet similar to some found on Earth.” He further added by saying that the piece is of a Martian rock which resembled a female warrior who is wearing a helmet which looks like a helmet that is found on Earth from ancient time.

NASA’s Mars 2020 mission head Kenneth Farley said, “There is no evidence that I’m aware of, of a lost Mars civilization, and that such a civilization is extremely unlikely.  But White claims that the Martian rock resembled the statues of the head of a warrior woman that looked similar to some of the ancient Egyptian statues found on earth. This is one of the hundreds of similar artifacts that I have found on Mars in recent years.”



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