Antarctica, largest iceberg

In a new development, it was observed that the Iceberg B-15 which has broken away from Antarctica’s Ross Ice Shelf and it is said to be the largest ever iceberg recorded. Scientists said that after 18 years of rapid melting, the new satellite images which came from the NASA has confirmed that it will die near the Equator.

As per the reports, this floating iceberg is moving towards the South Georgia Island which is near the tail of South America and the iceberg has been named as B-15. It has traveled more than 6,600 miles from the ice shelf, and it is now moving towards the equator. This iceberg, when broken from Antarctica, was measured in 160 nautical miles long and is about 20 nautical miles wide or we can say the size of Connecticut. The recent satellite images showed that this is now only ten nautical miles long and five nautical miles wide.

NASA has published an image on Wednesday which shows that the B-15 has a large fracture which is visible in the center and it suggests that more breakages can occur and they are imminent. B-15 is now going to the equator where the melting process of the iceberg will speed up.

According to the NASA glaciologist, Kelly Brunt said that they tend to pond with water and when it will start working then it will make way to iceberg like a set of knives. Iceberg needs to be of minimum 20 nautical miles to get tracked by the National Ice Center, but only four pieces of B-15 meet this requirement. The rest of the fractured pieces have either disappeared or have melted completely.

This shows that how rapidly our climate is changing and all thanks to global warming which is the main reason behind this.


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