Ancient herbivore discovered by the scientist.
Image source: Science News
A giant plant-eating beast like mouth & look like reptilian features may have loitered the earth Triassic period more than 200 million years ago.
The researchers have to pretend that only Giant-plant eaters were dinosaurs that time.
The elephant size creature is known as lisowicia bojani after a village in Southern Poland where its remain found. they were zenith before the natural disasters, most of the species were completely exhausted on the earth.
Amidst the Triassic period (252-201 years ago) mammal-like reptiles called with ancestors to dinosaurs mammals etc. The changes take place environmental factors which may have driven the evolution of timidity. The study said, well the scientist begins to see the light when they discovered it basically they were over the moon.
christian Kammerer, a dicynodont specialist at the North Caroline Museum of National Sciences not involved in the find(said the size of lisowicia was astonished. Large dicynodonts have been taken before in both Permian and the Triassic but never at the scale, he said.
Kammer said that both the dinosaurs and dicynodonts exhausted at the same time when they lived in the same habits. However, overall I think this is fascinating and important paper & show us that there are more things left to learn about the early mammals said, Kammerer.
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