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New research which has done suggests that the main reasons which might be behind the reasons why we have not encounter any aliens in our lifetime are due to the change in climate. The climate change that is occurring on Earth may also affect the human race and humans also may get extinct just like Aliens.

According to astrophysicist Adam Frank, he said that this is possible that humans may do this and the same thing will be occurring with them, and at that time things will be not in our hands. He is the professor of Physics and also astronomy at the University of Rochester in New York and the lead author of this paper. This new paper was published on May 1st in the journal Astrobiology, and it was aimed at 10,000 light year view of anthropogenic climate change. We can also use the models which are mathematically based, and it can show us the disappearance of the real-life lost with the help of the civilization models on Earth.

Adam Frank with his colleagues has created a simulation, and that is about the alien’s civilizations and how they have risen and fallen due to the demand of resources from the planet’s limited natural resources into energy.

Frank said in his paper that if we take Easter Island, then it will be the perfect example. The inhabitants of the Islands have depleted that their resources and as a result this lead them to starvation and extinction of civilization life on Island. They already worked on some previous calculations, and they have found that there are about four possible endpoints and they are similar to the limited natural resources.

This study by Adam Frank was published in Live Science.


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