Albert einstein , racism in america

The personal diaries of Albert Einstein have revealed about his racist attitude towards the foreigners with whom he has encountered during the travels. In his private writings, the renowned physicist has described the Chinese as an industrious, obtuse people and filthy.

Einstein was not only known to be a scientist but also a champion of civil rights who has used the platform to denounce the discrimination against the African-Americans. He has once referred the racism as a disease of white people.

His diary was with him when he has traveling China, Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong, Spain and Palestine which is between October 1922 and March 1923.  The writings were private, and they were published last week by Princeton University Press, and they have said that they have to reveal Einstein’s stereotyping of members who are of various nations and have raised the questions about his attitudes on the race.

In one of the passage, the Nobel Prize-winner scientist has described the Chinese have a peculiar herd like nation and they are often more like automatons than people and they have added the children are spiritless and look lethargic. After the writing of “abundance of offspring” and “fecundity,” he added by saying that it would be a pity if these Chinese supplant have all other races, and the likes of us have the thought which is unspeakably dreary.

Other passage, he has described that “bandit-like filthy Levantines” and who have a board this ship during the stop at Port Said, Egypt, He added by writing, “In the harbor, a swarm of rowing boats with screaming and gesticulating Levantines of every shade, who lunge at our ship. As if spewed from hell.”

According to Ze’ev Rosenkranz, who is the editor of the book and assistant director of the Einstein Papers Project at California Institute of Technology, has told The Guardians that I think there is a lot of comments which strike us a pretty unpleasant and he said about the Chinese in Particular.



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