Air Pollution, Depression, Bipolar Disorder
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Air pollution poses a lot of risks to the human body, and recent studies found that people exposed to air pollution suffer depression and anxiety disorders and even bipolar disorder which may also pose a threat to person’s life. A team of researchers from the University of Chicago mentioned in a paper that the air pollution links to the neuropsychiatric disorders. Atif Khan, who is the leader of the research, said that the study shows the areas of the US and Denmark, focusing on the area which is polluted pose a threat to human life through mental disorders. The research paper published in the PLoS Biology journal also includes that the neurological diseases and psychological disorders may cost the fortune as well as health linking to the air quality and environment.

The research included the health insurance of more around 151 million Americans. The researchers at Chicago took the data of the people who have claims of neuropsychic disease in the last 11 years. Researchers took the data of health claims and compared it with the air pollutants data from EPA, which stands for the US Environmental Protection Agency. There was 27 per cent increased cases of bipolar disorder in countries which had the worst air quality. There was a six per cent rise in the affairs of depression compared to the nations who had the best quality air. There was also a relation between the polluted soil and personality disorders. The data was so shocking that the researchers decided to compare the data with another country, so they teamed up with the researchers at Denmark to study the records of 1.4 million Danish people born in between 1979 and 2002. The researchers decided to investigate the neurological conditions of adults born in lousy air quality area till the year they turned ten.

Air Pollution, Depression, Bipolar Disorder
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The results conveyed that there was a 29 per cent increase in bipolar disorder because of the bad air quality. The data from Denmark showed that the depression cases experienced a 50 per cent rise, schizophrenia a 148 per cent, and personality disorder with 162 per cent rise in the people exposed to bad air quality in early age compared to the people born and bought up in highest quality air areas. The researchers also say that there are relations and reaction between the genetic factors and neurochemical anomalies, which may differ in every subject’s sickness because they react on a different level. The standard polymorphic increase has a low tendency for disease growth, most-likely 10 per cent. The team of researchers worked on the project for more than two years, and the results are shocking.

The research included mathematical analysis to study the growth of the diseases in the human body. The study did not mention the process of the growth of mental disorders by air pollutions. But according to the studies conducted on animals clarifies that the polluting chemicals are the reason behind the increasing risks of neural diseases. Air pollution is growing worse daily, and the human exposer to dangerous gasses is posing a significant threat to human life. The authorities must look over the increasing problems making it difficult for the human race to survive in the future.


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