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The vast functionality of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has now been tested for diagnostic purposes and the result is tremendous. Researchers have distinguished a new use of AI with machine learning to figure out the patterns of Breast Cancer and its types too. A new study published in the NPJ Breast Cancer Journal confirms that the gene sequences and molecular data from the breast tumours can now be trace using AI with machine learning.

The detailed report reveals that two of them are most likely to respond to immunotherapy, one was more likely to relapse on tamoxifen. The lead author of the study Mr Anguraj Sadanandam from Institute of Cancer Research (ICR), London reveals that “We are the cusp of a revolution in healthcare as we get to grips with the possibilities AU and ML can open up.”

He also added, “Our study has shown that AI can recognise patterns in breast cancer that are beyond the limit of the human eye, and to point us to new avenues of treatment among those who have stopped responding to standard hormone therapies.”

It has been found that the majority of breast cancers develop in the inner cells that line the mammary ducts and are “fed” by oestrogen or progesterone (Female Hormones). This one is commonly known as the ‘Luminal A’ tumours and often have the best cure rates.

The researchers tested the AI trained computer software to a vast array of data available on the genetics, molecular and cellular make-up of primary ‘luminal A’ breast tumours. Also a detailed data of patients survival with breast cancer. Once the AI was trained it was able to identify the type of cancer and patterns of responses to its treatment.

The five types of breast cancers are listed below and proudly the new tested AI with ML (Machine Learning) can trace them all in a patient:

  1. In-Situ Cancers
  2. Invasive (infiltrating) breast cancer
  3. Inflammatory breast cancer
  4. Phyllodes tumour
  5. Angiosarcoma

With the use of Machine Learning, we humans can now train AI to diagnose the diseases and to trace the exact location too. Once there was a time when we humans were lacking the exact treatment of this invasive disease of breast cancer, but thanks our advanced technology which led the medical treatments and diagnosis to a new level.

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