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Image Source: The Jakarta Post

In the new study, researchers have developed a novel artificial intelligence (AI) based algorithm which can identify cervical cancer. This AI does this with great accuracy, and the accuracy is better than the doctors too. The algorithm that this AI used is said to be automated visual evaluation.

It can able to analyze the digital images of the cervix, and it can accurately identify the precancerous changes which require some medical attention. This thing is seen to be done with minimal training and its deals with the countries which have got limited healthcare resources in which cervical cancer can lead to cause some kind of illness and also death among the women.

According to Mark Schiffman, who is from the National Cancer Institute in the US, said in a statement that the findings would show that this deep learning algorithm which can use the images that are collected during the routine cervical cancer screening. During this screening, it helps in identifying the precancerous changes as it left untreated and can develop to cancer.

It is seen that this computer analysis of the images will help in identifying the precancer than a human expert. The test that is done for this is the Pap test. To create the algorithm, the team of researchers has used more than 60,000 cervical images or can include more than 9,400 women. All the findings of this are said to be published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute.

As per the researchers, they said that this algorithm is said to be combined with advances in HPV vaccination that emerges out in the detection technologies. This technology also helps in improving the quality of treatment for the disease. It is said that this disease can be brought under control even in some low-resource setting.

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