Agra Dalit Girl Murder: She Set On A Blaze Along With Her Bag And Books
Image Source: Patrika

A 15-year old Dalit student was set on a blaze in Agra a week ago by two motorcycle-borne men near her village. She was coming back from school that day, they burnt her school bag and books too, says her mother, staring her daughter’s name scrawl on a wall. There is a large pile of books in a corner of her home.

The girl died five days later at Delhi’s Safdarjung Hospital. Agra police arrested two men for murder on Monday. Her 25-year old cousin was the mastermind behind her killing and reportedly committed suicide later claimed by the police. The two men arrested who are involved to help the cousin kill the girl around 1:30 pm on December 18 while she was cycling back to her home, both men are carpenters and relatives of her cousin, said police.

Her cousin committed suicide by consuming poison at his house after the class X student’s death on December 20. Her cousin liked her as she had been rejected his advances. So he collaborated with his relative to kill her because he wanted to teach her a lesson. It was a planned murder. The two men arrested have to admit to it says by Amit Pathak, SSP Agra.

According to the police statement, WhatsApp chats, letters written by her cousin and the picture of the victim at the site of the crime in phone helped crack the case, police found in an investigation said her cousin wore a helmet to cover his face and had gloves on when he poured petrol over the girl and set her ablaze. One of them patrolled the area on the bike to keep watch and another was present on the crime site. Her cousin had promised both men Rs. 15000 according to the police statement.

The family did not agree by police theory. They are brother and sister and forcefully linked to the bury case says by the victim’s sister. The girl father avoids meeting the police and works at a shoe factory. Her cousin is leaving a few doors away from her house, his mother says that he was a good boy you can ask the entire village. The police took him two days ago and he came on December 20 and told her mother that police hit him with lathis on his stomach, he committed suicide out of shame.


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