Image Source: Hindustan Times

Arvind Kejriwal is the current chief minister of Delhi and is also known as AAP(AAM AADMI PARTY) convenor. Arvind Kejriwal is worried because if BJP would come in power in the centre then home minister of the state will be Amit Shah. He is known as BJP’s chief and is there in much important decision for the party as well as a country. BJP has already announced that after the party comes in power, Amit Shah will be made a home minister of India.

Responding to it Kejriwal tweeted that ” If BJP comes in power Amit Shah will be made the Home Minister of India which is not fair. You guys can yourself imagine that a country with a Home minister like Amit Shah cannot survive so think twice before giving a vote to BJP.

It was also found that Kejriwal has said many times about the Amit Shah and BJP and earlier also it said that  “A dangerous game is going on. You have to keep it in mind when you go to vote. Everyone says if Narendra Modi becomes prime minister, then Amit Shah will be next home minister of India.” (Source- indianexpress).

The major issue which emerges in the political issue is that Pakistan prime minister said that we want that Modi should be the prime minister of Modi. The statement was not accepted by the opposition party and AAP convenor Arvind Kejriwal said in a press conference in Haryana.

AAP is working hard to bring Narender Modi wrong and is against BJP this time. So now it is the time when every citizen of the country above 18 years of age will vote for the right party from different constituencies. Voting will take place on May 12th.

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