whale, plastic bag

In a shocking development, officials have said that a whale has been found in the canal in Southern Thailand has died after eating more than 80 plastic bags.

The whale is said to be a small pilot whale and was barely alive when he was discovered by Thailand’s Department of Marine and Coastal Resources on Monday in the southern Province of Songkhla. The rescuers have tried their best to give treatment to the whale, but due to an extremely bad health condition, he died on Friday, and while he dies he has spat out about five plastic bags.

After his death, a necropsy was done in which it was found that the stomach of the small plastic whale contains over 17 pounds of plastic which includes more than 80 plastic bags.  According to Jatuporn Buruspat, who is the director general of the marine and coastal resources department said that the whale is likely to the thought that the plastic which is floating on the water as food and started eating it.

Thailand is said to be one of the largest plastic polluters in the world, and it used to dump over 1 million tons of garbage into the sea. This report was issued by the country’s Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment. The ministry has announced in September that it was now focusing on the development of a better way to deal with the massive amounts of waste which are produced by Thailand each year.

Till now at least 300 marine animals which include whales, sea turtles and dolphins have died in Thai waters which is due to the eating of plastic items, as per the Thamrongnawasawat, who is the marine biologist and lecturer at Kasetsart University.


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