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As we all know that India is Developing in every sector and the way India is focusing on the development in the section of science is just appreciable. International Space Research Organization(ISRO) is considered as the most developing organization globally. There are a number of missions of ISRO in which they succeeded and impress the whole world like other association that is doing extremely well including America, Russia, Israel, and many others. According to the official reports, it is confirmed that ISRO is going to change the history this time.

A rover has created by the organization and launched under the surveillance of the space is all set to land near the south pole of the moon on September 6 or 7. ISRO Chairman K. Sivan said in a statement while an interview “We will launch our second moon mission Chandrayaan-2 on July 15 at 02:15 to land by September 6 or 7 near the lunar south pole, where no one went so far.” He added “The 3.8-tonne complex mission will have an orbiter with 8 scientific experiments, a lander with three experiments, a rover with two experiments and one passive experiment from the US space organization NASA.

The orbiter with a lander and rover will be ejected on the latest technology rocket (GSLV Mark iii) from the Sriharikota spaceport to launch it in the earth’s elliptical orbit at 170km nearest earth and 30,000km farthest from the earth for navigating toward the moon for the next 16 days confirmed by chairman Sivan. India will be ranked in the fourth position after this mission after the success of the several missions. India will be rank after Russia, the US, and China. ISRO named the rover Vikram Sarabhai as the lander called Vikram. Vikram Sarabhai was a much famous space explorer who was born in 1919 to 1971. ISRO Chairman K. Sivan said, “The rocket will place the orbiter in the geo-transfer orbit for its passage to the lunar moon, covering 385,000 km from the earth to moon in 50 days for the lander to have a soft landing near its south pole.” Stay tuned with us for more information and latest updates.




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