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In a new development, environmental officials who are present in Virginia along with other states and they have warned the public to be vigilant about an invasive plant. The name of the plant is Giant Hogweed, and it can cause third-degree burns and also permanent blindness.

According to the researchers who are present at the Massey Herbarium at Virginia tech has been confirmed about the sighting of Giant Hogweed and it is present in Clarke County, Virginia.  This plants can also be found in the New York, Ohio, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Oregon, Michigan, Virginia, Washington, Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine, as per CBS.

Giant Hogweed is said to be a member of the carrot family, and it can grow more than 14 feet. This plant when comes in contact with moisture and sunlight and a phototoxic which is present on the plant’s clear sap and can cause severe skin and eye irritation, permanent scarring, blistering and even blindness. The people who come in contact with these plants usually remain sensitive to sunlight for many years.

The hollow stem of the plant is just two to four inches in diameter, and it comes with the dark purple and red raised spots, and it is like bristle hairs. The umbrella-shaped white in color flora blooms and they can bloom up to two and a half feet wide. This plant usually took wrong by thinking that they are harmless plants like Queen Anne’s Lace.

On the website of the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, the Department of Environmental Conservation has issues notice in which  it has asked all the residents of the area to be cautious about the plant and said, “ Do Not Touch this Plant.”

The officials also said that the residents should not use a weed whacker to remove the plant. If they use this remover, then it may cause the plant sap to break and spread quickly. If anyone is trying to remove this plant, then they should remove it with physical removal or by use of herbicides.


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