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Visitors from a Star System of the past year – A cigar-shaped object, inclined through a brief neck through our temporal neck of the forest – has now been identified as a comet.

A European-led team makes a case in the edition of Nature Magazine’s edition of Wednesday. The telescope first saw the mysterious red-ting object in October because it was zipped through the inner solar system.

Astronomers said that they closely examined the trajectory of ‘Oumuamua’, which is almost half a mile (800 meters) long, because it has been evicted from a distant wire system in any way, through our global neighborhood Does speed.

Researchers said that gaseous carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and water are believed to be believed that only a small force applies on the object called Oumuamua – about 1000 times smaller than the effects of the Sun’s gravitational – and difficulty its way changed.

Paul Chodas, the manager co-author of NASA’s Center for No-Earth Object Studies at Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, said “The team’s measurements” were so precise that we could actually see the change in the situation due to outgassing. “

“This is a definitely exciting quest,” said Mitchell of the European Space Agency. They found that it is being distracted by a path which will be fully explained by pulling the gravitational force of the sun because very small emission of gas from the surface clearly indicates comet.

‘Oumuamua (oh-mo-uh-moo-uh) was initially introduced as a comet, but there was a lack of tail and tail of many comets’ characteristics of gas and dust, and some scientists argued that it might There was a dry asteroid.

Astronomer Marco Mitchelli of the SSA-NEO Coordination Center of the European Space Agency in Italy, who led the study published in Nature magazine, said, “It does not show any tail in any observation.”

“However, our analysis shows that we see the amount of gas emitted to generate this extra force, which would be so small to be invisible in our observations,” he said in an email.

This “extra power” acting on the trajectory of an object is about 0.1 percent of the Sun’s gravitational attraction.

‘Oumuamua was first detected by Pan-Star’s 1 telescope University of Hawaii in October. Its name refers to a messenger coming from a great distance in the original Hawaiian language.

It was first traveling around 196,000 miles per hour (315,000 km / h) behind the Sun, and the constellation was coming out of the Solar System in the direction of Pegasus. ‘Oumuamua was the only distance from the sun in the form of Jupiter almost as in the previous month. Astronomers suspect that more visitors to other star systems will be searched through our solar system.

Micheli said, “Oumuamua’s discovery is a complete first in this field, and it gave us the first chance to study the object coming from our second star and planet system.” “The existence of these objects was expected, but due to being able to study it for the first time, and in detail, it is a unique opportunity to know more about these remote systems and their formation.” Searched by a telescope in Hawaii, Oumuamua is already coming, or scouting is the Hawaiian for a messenger. It has gone for a long time, as it is likely to know what it was, knowing it.

Alan Jackson of the University of Toronto, who reported in March that Oumumamua probably came from two star systems, is uncomfortable with its actual identity. He said in an email, “But it’s definitely an interesting new piece of information to chew on us.”



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