87 elephants got killed near the wildlife sanctuary
Image Source: Al Jazeera

In a wildlife sanctuary in Botswana, around 87 elephants got killed to which the conservation group Elephants without borders called the largest scale of elephant poaching that took place till date. An aerial survey was conducted where the body remains of these big creatures were identified near a protected elephant sanctuary, as stated by the group on Facebook. Mike Chase, from the Elephants without Borders was reported saying that he was stumbled by the news and the discovery of the dead elephants from which their tusks were removed for their ivory.

Chase was reported saying that when he compared the figures and date from the great elephant census, which he conducted in 2015, this is double the number of freshly poached elephants that took place in any other place than Africa. As stated by the organization’s elephant census, Botswana is home to the biggest number of African savanna elephants and has an estimated figure of 130, 000 elephants in total who have the size bigger than Tanzania’s elephant population and eight times that of south Africa.

Chase also stated that the poachers are now turning their guns towards Botswana. Botswana is the place where the highest numbers of elephants live, and it is open season for the poachers, and they need to be stopped. The anti-poaching unit of Botswana underwent budget cuts in May which is shortly after the newly elected President Mokgweetsi Masisi. The shoot to kill policy was taken back because the members of the unit were disarmed. Since that time, the poachers have found their way into the Botswana territories more frequently, towards the protected elephant sanctuaries.

In the recent years, the number of African elephants has decreased significantly after most of them dying in the hands of poachers. If the poaching activity continues, it will not take long for the elephants too to go extinct.


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