It is known by all that Venus will appear just after the sunset in the “West-northwest sky.” On the night of May 17th, the sky was shared with potentially thinner which is about 8.5 percent glowing-moon. This type of view was only seen after the two and half days of the new phase.

These type of two objects usually caught the attention of the skywatchers when they get to pair up in the night sky. On May 17th in the night sky, the moon was found glowing at the six degrees to the lower left of the second planet Venus.

The question which was arisen after this event is which star is shining brighter. Venus is said to be the brighter by many people as it is seen as a tiny point sourcing out the light. The real fact which we knew and seen in the books that moon is the brightest star to us. The shining of the Venus occurred at a magnitude of 3.9 whereas the Crescent Moon shines at a magnitude of 7.4 and this is about twenty-five times brighter. The reason for the Venus appears to be brighter, and the light of the moon is spread across the bigger region, and it is compared to the light of the Venus as it makes the moon look dimmer.

To see both of them near to each other is just an illusion and the main reason behind the perspective is that the Venus and the Earth’s satellite Moon are not close to each other. The venus is about 126 million miles away from the Earth and Moon is about 226,000 miles away from the Earth. On May 17th, both the objects are aligned in such a way that it appears to us that they are close to each other.

The Venus is seen around 10:40 PM as per local time and in June, the planet will set immediately after 11 PM from 2nd week.

Jaya Kashyap
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