3 Scientists in the Pacific Ocean discovered new sea creatures
Image Source: The Independent

In the latest discovery, the recent trip to the Atacama Trench which is said to be the deepest points in the Pacific Ocean, the team of scientists have lowered a device at that place. The device is known as deep-sea lander overboard, and they lowered it till it sank to the cold dark waters.

The lander which is said to be the high tech trap that can be outfitted with the bait, underwater as well as monitors cameras that can take about four hours to fall all the way from the bottom of the ocean. It is said that it is nearly five miles deep in some of the areas of the Atacama Trench which is present off the coast of the Peru and Chile.

The researchers have claimed to captured about three new species of the elusive snailfish. They live more than 21,000 feet below the sea, as per Newcastle University. These findings from the recent trip were listed on Monday.

On the video, the newly discovered snailfish has appeared to belong as well as gelatinous which will come with the translucent skin as well as an ethereal movement. They usually feed on the bait that is lowered with the trap, and in this, the fish that is captured by the camera seemed to be larger than other organisms that are captured on camera near the bait.

These new species have been named as pink, purple and blue for the time being. The scientist said that they could trap one of them and it is in good condition for further study. The creatures have got no scales, and the hardest part of the body is the teeth and the bones present in the inner ear. They can adapt to extreme pressure with ease.  


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