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New research has revealed the world’s oldest lizard fossil. The scientists have discovered the 240 million-year-old lizard fossil, and this discovery has shed the lights on the evolution of the lizards and snakes. The fossil which was found by the researchers are dated back to 240 million years old, and they are known as Megachirella Wachtleri.

These types of species are believed to be the ancient ancestor of the scaled reptiles which is known as squamates. The study concludes that it is based on the data which are from both living and extinct reptiles. These reptiles are said to be the residents of the group named squamates, and they are dated back to near 75 million years ago. These findings revealed that the lizards are evolved on our planet which is near 240 million years ago.

The fossil of the Megachirella was first discovered near about the 20 years ago, and it was somewhere near the Dolomites region of northeast Italy. Tiago Simoes, who is the co- author of the study and is from the University of Alberta in Canada said that when he has seen the fossil for the first time, it made him realised that it has important features which could link it to the early evolution of lizards. Then he studied the fossil deeply along with other researchers who have performed CT scan on the tiny fossilised skeleton.

As per Simoes, he has spent nearly 400 days visiting about 50 museums and university collections which is spread across 17 countries to collect data on fossil and living species of the reptiles to you understand the early evolution of the reptiles and lizards. All the observation of the new research were published in the journal Nature.



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