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In a new development, NASA’s two astronauts who are stationed at International Space Station has done a spacewalk on Thursday to install two new cameras. The two new cameras are now installed on the front of the ISS lab complex, and they will help provide the views of the commercial crew ships during the final approach and docking. The astronauts also have replaced a faulty high-definition camera and a faulty door which was jammed open on an external instrument.

The two astronauts of Expedition 56 named Ricky Arnold and Commander Drew Feustel. They have switched their spacesuit to battery power at 8:06 AM EDT and they have started to float in the Quest airlock. It was about a 6 hour and 49-minute spacewalk excursion.

The spacewalk which was done by both is said to be 5th for Arnold and 9th for Feustel. Feustel has ranked 3rd presently with a total time of about 61 hours and 48 minutes which was across the 9 EVAs. The record times for spacewalk was held by Anatoly Solovyev and have logged 78 hours and 21 minutes of spacewalk time, and this was done during 16 excursions, and he has done.

The main goal of the US EVA 51 and was to install the two new cameras which are present on the front of the forward Harmony module, and it will provide the views of the Boeing CST-100 Starliner, and SpaceX crewed Dragon spacecraft. It has done during the final approach to the new docking mechanism which was mounted on the port where the space shuttles were once attached.

These new ferry ships are intended to end the NASA’s sole reliance on Russian Soyuz spacecraft and they can carry the US, Canadian European and Japanese astronauts on order to the outpost and they help in restoring the American Space Transportation capability, and they lost the shuttle program which was ended in the year 2011.

Astronauts have ended their day by carrying out two lower priority tasks, and they have returned to the Quest airlock, and then the pressurization procedures have begun at 2:55 PM and close the spacewalk officially.

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