Dinosaur skeleton, Fossil

It may look like something very interesting, but some people can cross their limit to buy some unusual things. Recently, an unnamed collector from French has brought a 150-million-year-old, unknown dinosaur’s skeleton in an auction. The cost of the skeleton was $2.3 million. The auction was held on Monday in Paris.  

The French collector bided higher price than the bidder from Japan and Sweden. As per the report, the skeleton will be placed in a French museum for public display. This information has given by Claude Aguttes, the auctioneer.

Talking about the skeleton, it is expected that the skeleton is related to the prehistoric predator Allosaurus fragilis from the Jurassic age. On the other side, some have stated that it is the composition of the skeleton of two different dinosaur’s species. This 30-feet long and 9 feet high dinosaur skeleton was discovered in 2013 in Morrison Formation site, Wyoming.

Eric Mickeler, Paleontologist while examining the skeleton informed that it is only 70percent complete. He further added that it is remarkable to have such a large amount of original fossilised bones.

The valuation expert, Mickeler stated that scientists first thought it was an allosaurus, but later it was discovered that the skeleton has teeth from one species and bones from another species. By observing the skeleton, it can be said that the dinosaur lived a long life. However, scientists will do some additional research on the skeleton to ascertain that it’s a fresh discovery.

Before the auction, the scientific community, like the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology (SVP) in Bethesda, Maryland wrote a letter regarding the auction and urged not to sell the skeleton to a private person. Because, after the auction, scientists will not be able to examine it.

Mickeler further added that the new owner would put it on display. Some parts of the sales amount will be donated to charities named Sea Shepherd and Van Dyk Cheetah Centre working for the preservation of endangered species.


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