10 people die due to a drug overdose in Canada
Image Source: Vancouver Courier

In the latest report which was published by the Public Health Agency of Canada, it said that when an average is taken, it is seen that about ten people died each day for the illicit overdose of the drug on Canada. This average of the people was taken from January 2016 to March 2018. The study of the Public Health Agency of Canada shows that the people who all have died have never got in contact with the social assistance, justice nor taken the help of the hospital.

The report said that the overdose of the drug has now seemed to be affected all the territories as well as provinces. Now it is seen that most of the people who all have died in British Columba are acute and reason of death is due to the illicit drug overdose. As per the data, it shows that death due to drug overdose has now been doubled from 293 in the year 2011 to 639 in the year 2016. The sufferers due to the drug overdose are mostly among males, and their age is 25 to 54.  The analysis shows that death due to the overdose has existed among a diverse population.

It is said that about 26 percent people who all have died due to this is due to the illicit drug overdose and in Surrey about 23 percent people have experienced about one acute care inpatient hospitalization in about 12 months which is before the death. The people who all are hospitalized, about 15 percent from them are fatally overdose in British Columbia, and 6 percent were taken to the hospital more than twice.

The result of this study was said to be published with the partnership between Statistics Canada and the British Columbia Coroners Service along with Surrey Fire Service, the City of Surrey, and Surrey RCMP Detachment, the BC Centre for Disease Control, Fraser Health Authority, BC Stats British Columbia Ministry of Health and Public Safety Canada.

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